Mobile China is Giant Ant's multi-year public research about Chinese youth and technology trends. With half a billion mobile phone and internet users, China's booming economy is shaping virtual and tangible life in the 21st century.

Why Mobile China?

Mobile China
  • Trends that begin in Asia impact the world.
  • Unfamiliar contexts generate insight and innovation.
  • U.S. tech giants have performed poorly in China.
  • Mobile phones and technology are badges of identity and change in emerging nations including China, Brazil, India and Russia.

Year Three: Mixed Reality

Year Three investigates how Chinese students abroad use the Chinese internet to adjust to living in the United States.

  • Do Chinese and U.S. youth represent themselves differently online?
  • What are the specific emotional undercurrents of various modes of communication, including IM, email, bulletin boards, text messages, handwritten letters, phone calls and video calls?

Year Two: Virtual Life

Year Two explored the allure of Chinese internet cafes for entertainment and communication.

  • What is the role of online friends among urban youth?
  • What are the pleasures and dangers of virtual life?

Year One: Hand Machines, aka Phones

Year 1 focused on Chinese youth's passion for mobile technology and the meaning behind massive adoption of "shou ji" (literally, "hand machines").

  • What is the significance of 1,000 monthly text messages?
  • What is the role of technology in creating intimate networks and national communities?

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