We are grateful for the ongoing support and wisdom of our trusted advisors.

Nadav Savio Interaction Designer, Google & Giant Ant Founding Principal

Nadav has been designing innovative web interfaces to create a superb user experience since 1995. He was a founding principal of Giant Ant before joining Google. Nadav has designed interfaces for Fortune 500 companies and startups including AOL/Spinner, Yamaha, Sun Microsystems, Friendster and Qualcomm.

Nadav Savio earned a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University and has studied Human-Computer Interaction at the University of California, Berkeley. He is an involved and visible member of the design community and has spoken at conferences about designing successful web applications and interfaces.

Lane Becker President and co-founder, Satisfaction Unlimited

Lane Becker is co-founder and president of Satisfaction Unlimited, a web startup developing tools to foster new methods of communication and collaboration between companies and their customers.

Previously, Lane was co-founder of Adaptive Path, a user experience strategy, research, and design consultancy. While with Adaptive Path, Lane ran the consulting business and, as the creator of the New Ventures program, developed strategic partnerships with early-stage startup companies to provide them with long-term support for their product ideation, design, and launch strategies.

June Cohen Director, TED Media

A TEDster since 1998, June Cohen joined the TED staff in 2005, and has been focused on thoughtfully extending the conference in new media directions. She led the development of TEDTalks (the ground-breaking podcast series that launched June 2006). She also produces TED's year-round salons, edits the TEDBlog, and co-produces the conference in Monterey. She first attended TED in 1998, and joined the staff in 2005.

A journalist by training, June's been at the forefront of innovative media for nearly 15 years. In 1991, she led the Stanford University team that developed the world’s first multimedia publication. Then, in 1994, she helped launch HotWired.com, the world’s first professional website (and spin-off of WIRED Magazine). So she was in the room when the first ad banner went live on the web. She also founded Webmonkey.com, the much-loved web-developers’ site used by millions. Later, as HotWired’s Vice President of Content, she played a key role on a range of innovative and profitable sites, from Animation Express to the HotBot search engine. Her first book, The Unusually Useful Web Book, was hailed by critics as "an instant classic" and translated into four languages. June holds a BA from Stanford, where she was Editor in Chief of The Stanford Daily. She now lives in New York, where she occasionally talks about things other than the Web.

Chas Edwards CRO and Publisher, Federated Media

Chas came to Federated Media by way of CNET Networks, where he was VP of sales and marketing for that company's B2B Portfolio, managing the team representing News.com, ZDNet and TechRepublic to business-to-business marketers. Chas shares his thoughts on the business at ChasNote, which chronicles metrics, successes and flaming disasters in digital marketing.

David Allen Ibsen Founder and Principal of 5 Meetings Before Lunch

For over 20 years, David Ibsen has been a consumer and technology marketer, executive, and consultant working with some of the world's leading brands.

He has led agency teams for Microsoft, Xerox and Novell, and was on the launch teams for Lexus, and Hyundai automobiles. Since 1998, as Founder and Principal of the marketing consultancy 5 Meetings Before Lunch he has worked with over 35 clients in a variety of industries. He started his career in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco with the ad agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, Bates Worldwide and Young & Rubicam.

In addition to his consulting practice, David writes a nationally recognized brand and marketing blog titled "5 Blogs Before Lunch," which, in 2006 won the jury prize for Best Business Blog at the prestigious Webby Awards.

Haruhito Matsunami PhD Ergonomist, Osaka Gas Company

Dr Haruhito Matsunami is an ergonomist at the Osaka Gas Company and also supervises observational research for other companies as a service science consultant. His work includes international university, government and corporate partnerships on topics including universal design for Japanese stoves. He implements service science projects of observation, analysis, and improvement for consumer services (such as daily life observation, shopping behavior observation, and talk analysis) and for employee's nonroutine tasks (such as gas pipe construction work and office work). The service science methodology increases customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction by improving productivity and work safety.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Dr. Haruhito Matsunami received a B.S. and a M.S. from Kobe University in environmental planning and architecture. In April 1992 he joined the Fundamental Research Laboratories in the Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. He participated in a Japanese national project "Human Sensory Measurement Application Technology (HSMAT)" funded by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. After the project, he received a M.S. (2002) in ergonomics and environmental psychology from Cornell University. After additional observational research projects, he received his PhD (2006) in ergonomics from Wakayama University. The title of his doctoral thesis was "Applications of observation methods in the process of development and evaluation of home appliances."

Elizabeth Tunstall Associate Professor of Design Anthropology

Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall is a leader in the field of Design Anthropology. She is an Associate Professor of Design Anthropology in the School of Art and Design, and Associate Director of the City Design Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Professor Tunstall defines design anthropology as an emerging field that seeks to (1) understand how the processes and artifacts of design help define what it means to be human and (2) increase the strategic value of human-centered design to business, government, and society.

Active as an international conference speaker and web advocate across multiple professional communities, Professor Tunstall is one of the first anthropologists to be hired as full-time, tenure-track faculty at an American school of art and design. Her experience includes education, consulting and public design including Cook County Hospital. She received her PhD in Anthropology from Stanford University.