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Doubling online adoption with Wells Fargo.
Wells Fargo, a top-five United State financial service firm, asked us to transform how it engaged its customers online.

Over four years, we played a vital role in transforming Wells Fargo's online channel and its product development process. Using anthropological methods for understanding customers and design modeling, we made customer insights central to the design of all online products, including small business, online investing, wholesale banking and consumer banking.

Online banking improvements saw customer adoption go from 33% to over 66% in two years. Customer focus and process improvements provided leadership that allowed a small internal design group to become a large customer experience group and make quick, simple and easy interactions the standard for online banking.

Our contributions include establishing executive buy-in through video stories, customer models, and design research methods for incorporating customer insight and feedback throughout the product development cycle.


  • Ethnographic Research
  • Video Stories
  • Executive Workshops
  • Product Development Innovation

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